Amphisben silver brooch from the Legends of South Burgundy and Labradorite collection

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Silver brooch. Unique piece. Jewel of creator and artisanal.


  • Bijoux de créateur et faits-main Bijoux de créateur et faits-main
  • Bijoux en argent pur (950/1000) Bijoux en argent pur (950/1000)
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This imposing brooch represents an Amphisbene from the great black forest of Burgundy, it is a unique piece. 

Bird has two heads, one in front, the other behind the size of a peacock and they move very quickly.

It was a bird with a lot of malice, if you crossed its path you would die laughing.

This brooch was made of pure silver (950/1000 with state punch). The pattern is 10 cm high by 6 cm wide. The weight of the jewel is 36 gr (without the stones), the brooch is decorated with 3 labradorites of 8.10 and 2 of 6.07. The clasp of the brooch is a ball joint, the needle is made of steel.

This designer jewel was forged by hand by the Galadrielle workshop, a jewellery craftsman. To shape this original creation, the jeweller first made sketches and drawings before assembling silver plates and wires that were cut and welded together. To make the jewel precious and shiny, it has been completely polished by hand.

Labradorite, is a mineral of the group of silicates, the particularity of some parts is to have a play of colors with a metallic luster. Blue and green are the most common colours present

With a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

Labradorite comes from Canada, United States, France, Madagascar, Russia, Ukraine, United States.

Due to the difference in light and screen settings, the color of the stone may be slightly different from the images.

Art creation made in South Burgundy from Galadrielle's workshop.

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